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Ethics & Standards - Moshate Safaris

Ethics & Standards

The items that we list here could help to make your safari experience valuable; These are normal day-to-day principles that we all practice and know of and we believe that the following principles will ensure that the safari is unforgettable for us and for you as the hunter and our guest:

  1. Abide by wildlife laws and the laws of nature.
  2. Act ethically correct at all times.
  3. Hunting safaris presents opportunities for good and bad behaviour. Act wisely.
  4. Know your own abilities and understand the natural system you hunt in.
  5. Remember two principles that determine hunting attitudes:
    1. Hunting is not a spectator sport; yet there are many watchers. They include your hunting partners, friends, the Trackers, the landlord and non-hunters. Never offend these ‘watchers’.
    2. Hunting is a personal sport. We each face a personal challenge and we hunt to achieve personal reward. Poor behaviour is rejected.
  6. Arrive prepared for the safari in terms of clothing, equipment, rifles, camera, etc.
  7. Know your rifles and make sure that you spend time to practice and to zero them at a local shooting range before your arrival, as well as on our own range before you proceed on the hunt.  [We prefer zero at 100 meters]
  8. Never underestimate the value of natural rests such as trees, fence posts or boulders.
  9. Make constructive use of our PH and Tracker’s knowledge of spoor and of the farm. The area is extended and you will need them.
  • Always have firearm safety in mind when handling your rifle. Respect your rifle.
  • Animals, which are wounded and/or lost, are also charged.
  • Smallest calibre allowed on the hunt is the .270 or equivalent.